The last is abhinivesh: lust for life; the first is lack of awareness

The last is abhinivesh: lust for life; the first is lack of awareness

“. The last has puro be resolved preciso the first, the last has puro be brought onesto the first. Now move backwards: you have lust for life, you cling esatto life. Why? Patanjali says, ‘Go backwards.’

Why do you cling sicuro life? — because you are miserable. And the misery is created by dwais, repulsion. The misery is created by dwais — violence, jealousy, anger — repulsion. How can you live if you have such negative things around you? Through these negativities, wherever you aspetto, life seems to be not worth living. Wherever you look through the negative, everything looks dark, dismal, a hell. Lust for life has puro be resolved backwards, then you will find dwais. That’s why you have not been able onesto live. All the societies, cultures, they force many repulsions on you.

Why does this ego exist?

So Patanjali says, ‘Clinging esatto life is the uppermost layer. Go deep; behind it you will find per layer of repulsion, dwais.’ But why are you repelled? Go deeper and you will find attachment. You are attracted towards a thing and if you are attracted, only then can you be repelled. If you are not attracted you cannot be repelled. Attraction can create verso repulsion; repulsion is the other pole of attraction. Go deeper — another layer you will find is asmuta, the feeling of ego, ‘I am.’ And this ‘I’ exists through attachment and repulsion. If rag, dwais, attraction and repulsion both fall, ‘I’ cannot stand there. ‘I’ will fall with it.

If you go downwards, backwards with clinging onesto life, behind it you will find the layer of repulsion

You, your ego, exists through your ideas of good and bad, ideas of love and hate, ideas of what is beautiful and what is ugly. Duality creates the ego. So behind the duality of rag and dwais, you will find the ego. Patanjali says, ‘Go still deeper and you will find lack of awareness. The root cause of the whole misery of life is lack of awareness. This is the cause, the primal cause of the whole thing. You cannot find it with abhinivesh, lust for life; that is a fruit, per flower, the last phenomenon. Per fact, it is not the cause. Go back.

“. Once you know the cause, everything is resolved. And this is the cause.. lack of awareness. What onesto do? Don’t fight with your clinging, don’t fight with your attachment and repulsion, don’t even fight with the ego. Just become more and more aware. Just become more and more alert, watchful, mindful. Remember more and more and become alert. That very alertness will dissolve everything. Once the cause is dissolved, the effects disappear.

Ordinary morality teaches you changes on the surface. So called religions teach you how to fight with effects. Patanjali is giving you the very science of religion: the very root cause can be dissolved. You have esatto be more aware. Live life with alert ness: that is the whole message. Don’t live like per sleepy man, or per drunkard living sopra a hypnosis. Be conscious of whatsoever you are doing. Do it, but do it with full consciousness. Suddenly you will see many things disappear.

Nagare onesto Nagarjuna, a Buddhist mystic. The thief said, ‘Listen, I have been sicuro many teachers and many Masters. They all know me because I am verso famous thief, mediante fact, the master thief of this kingdom, so I am known all over. Just the moment I reach them they say, “First you have esatto leave stealing, robbing people. First drop your way of life and then something can happen.” But that I cannot do. So the thing stops then and there. Now I have che razza di onesto you. What do you say?

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